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Christoff Slater
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Christoff Slater OMFG!! Where do I start!! Holy shit this album caught me by surprise. I came across this band just by searching for fast crazy music....And *whoa* I am highly impressed! Thank you for putting me in a better mood! I love your stuff Favorite track: Stooped.
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Recorded @ Some basement in Pennsauken, NJ between Nov 8th and Christmas, 2015


released February 27, 2016

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Zach Miller
Drums engineered by Bobko
Artwork by Sam & Helmut Kaiser
To Live A Lie Records - 2016

Sami Kaiser - Vocals
Bobko - Guitar
Keith - Bass
Zach Miller - Drums



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SICK SHIT Hightstown, New Jersey


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Track Name: Organize
Don’t make any rash decisions / try not to come to any conclusions / this doesn’t make any sense / I will recite and practice in my head / make an outline / organize my thoughts / it should help to / think things through instead / it makes everything forced / everything detached / I start to shake / I start to sweat / it hurts to breathe / it hurts to think / why can’t I react like a normal person / why can’t you just give me an explanation / speculation makes it worse
Track Name: Parental Transaction
You say i need to communicate / the issue will not be resolved right away / you say that time will heal / you spew empty clichés / we both know it is not a matter of want / it’s a matter of necessity / lunch was nice but it did not fix me / try harder
Track Name: Brat
Her coping skills are strong / eloquent and well received / she can’t say anything negative / so naive and insecure / she clings onto the hope of feeling special again / even if it’s just for a moment / he jumped and kicked / he spat and flung / relentless with his attacks / she cracked / she shattered / it was too much / he broke her down into pieces / there was nothing left / even if it’s just for a moment / relentless with his attacks
Track Name: Stooped
Everything has an expiration date / the next place will be better / the next place will work out / you need to tell me what to fucking do / you’re supposed to care / you’re supposed to help me / understimulated and idealistic / i can’t change my mind / I’m sick of it / why can’t i sit still? / why can’t i be content? / boredom comes too easily / i won’t change my mind.
Track Name: Kids For Cash
Nod and wink tactics / ruin their lives / monetary kickbacks / fuel the lies / burn the prisons / hang the judges / destroy the fucking prison industrial complex / trading lives with lies / trading kids for cash
Track Name: Playboy
Cling to your possessions / they are what define you / he’s got a discerning eye for delicacies / a taste for extravagant fabrics / velvet and silk linens wrapped around his whore / the heads of the hunted / watch from the mantle / as she twists and screams / he eats with his fingers / then he wipes them clean / in the hair of the whore he’s such a good person / his wealth said so / the heads of the hunted / watch from the mantle as he eats with his fingers and wipes them clean
Track Name: Impotence
Inadequacy fills every crevice / coats every follicle / clogs every pore / i either feel nothing at all or everything / it’s biological / maybe if you relax / you should try to do it by yourself first / fantasize and explore / nothing happens / what’s wrong with me? / i want to rip my skin off / i want to feel different / i want to like myself
Track Name: Deepthroat
Swallow it / don’t gag / keep it down / bury it in your chest / let it burn / let it infect / who are you? / who am i? / you’re not a person / you’re not even real / you’re fucking useless / keep it in / hate yourself
Track Name: Great Posture
Tension looms / expectations set too high / the breaking point is inevitable / i will try not to say the wrong thing / everything’s okay / i’ll try not to upset you / everything’s okay / my feelings don’t matter / not compared to / your feelings have the ability to destroy us / avoidance is key / suppression is a must / never talk about anything that actually matters / everything’s gonna be okay if you don’t talk about it / tension looms / standards are set to high
Track Name: Hollow Shell
Push and pull / push my face into a smile just to get by / forcing my feelings to the back of my mind / just to relate / caught in a mental bind / no hope just follow the motions / no hope for any release / i have become what i hated most / i am an empty husk / a hollow shell
Track Name: Stock
Despite popular opinion / this is useless cause / we’re all faking it, don’t you know? / just admit it / disingenuous bullshit / you’re not original / no one is / you float around / ignorant and self righteous / touting your education / thinking you’re enlightened / just because i don’t feel the need to talk constantly / doesn’t mean i don’t know / you don’t know
Track Name: Dirt
The final outcome is always the same regardless of how you live / trash and moldy silverware / how you live means nothing to me / fine china and ironed slacks / how i live is none of your concern / stop making that face / your money is just paper / even though i want it sometimes / i don’t need it like you do / go home and fuck your rubber wife / in a bed of money / I’ll stay here and roll around in my trash / the final outcome is always the same / regardless of how you live
Track Name: xDIEx
Sometimes i think about how happy i would be if you died / everytime i see your face / everytime i hear your name / i shrivel up inside / i don’t even know you / but your existance, it hurts / it makes me stomach turn / it makes my heart beat in my ears / you probably rarely think about him / only sometimes / that’s not important though / i need closure / talking is hard, but i heard it helps / i’m not okay with it
Track Name: Eulogy
I’m sorry it had to end like this / you were a brave bug / you meant no ill will / i know a bug’s life is brief / but this is unfortunate / i caused your untimely demise / sad thing is / you won’t be missed / none of your friends are here / i don’t think you have any / sad thing is / i’m projecting and personifying you / bugs don’t matter / but still, i had no right / rest in peace
Track Name: NJxHCxNJ
There is no support for originality / mediocrity derived from the confines of your self imposed stereotype / all too busy drooling on each other’s cocks / fuck your insincerity / fuck your hollow buzzwords / don’t you know / you’re allowed to write about / things you actually care about / I’m not impressed / this scene is dead / stop trying to sound like everyone else
Track Name: Spit
Warped perspective wrong / confused and cold / unwarranted alienation / no place called home / the locks have changed / the doors are closed / nothing will change / you just don’t know / your nails are knives / your tongue is sharp / destined to fail / i’m destined to lose / think how to feel / attempt normalcy / my world won’t change / there’s no place called home
Track Name: Dolly
You’re so self aware / so well prepared / up on your pedestal / no one can touch you / head buried in books / oblivious to what’s going on around you / your clothes are stiff with starch / your shoes are polished and clean / never a blemish on your face / never a hair out of place / chunky bracelets and polka dot skirts / i admire your effort / straightlaced and so ready to accomplish all your goals / you’re not safe here